Friday, 4 July 2014

Digital Media Marketing: Making The Most of Mobile Email Marketing

What was the first thing you did this morning after you woke up? Brushed your teeth? Turned on SportsCenter? Ate some nice, fiber-filled cereal?
I checked email on my phone.
Surprised? Well, according to a 2013 study, 49 percent of mobile users read emails on their smartphones immediately when they wake up.
That’s half of everyone with a smartphone firing up their inboxes, first thing in the morning before they even set foot out of bed.
As a business owner and marketer, you want into those bedrooms.
By following some essential steps for mobile email marketing, you can!
Write killer headlines to get your email opened:
Write a subject line that is five to seven words long, no more, no less.

Provide value, be specific, be compelling, and create urgency.
Play on buyer personas and psychological triggers.
Be clear, succinct and consistent in your message:
Focus on your readers’ needs, wants, and feelings.
Create a “value exchange” where you provide great content for your readers’ (limited) time.
Assuage any fears directly. Give readers confidence in you as an authority with an easy-to-read message.
Be persuasive. Everyone from Aristotle to Obama knows the importance of effective persuasion. Convince your readers that they should act, in a subtle yet direct way.
Organize for maximum readabilty on mobile devices:
Make your email look spectacular on mobile - easy to read and full of “alt-tagged” images and hyperlinks with plenty of space around them for easy clickability.
Divide the layout of your email into short sections for clearer navigation.
Send a plain text version of your email to include readers with less sophisticated technology.
Get personal with your emails:
Use your readers’ interests to learn who your readers are.
Establish authority as a likeable expert through niche-specific, high-quality content.
Use autoresponders to create a universal experience from your first subscriber to your last.
Ask your readers to “whitelist” you to keep your emails out of their spam folder.

Test, analyze, change, and resend.
Include a discount or special offer for subscribing
According to Copyblogger, more than 70 percent of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by promotional emails!
It creates an exclusive community of readers (and consumers) by offering something only subscribers can have, allowing them to benefit in ways that others can’t.
Fifty percent of users say they subscribe to email specifically because of special offers they receive.
So why wait? Reach customers from the comfort of their morning routine; take advantage of digital marketing’s powerful tool, (mobile) email marketing.

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