Friday, 20 June 2014

How To Track Your Social Media Marketing

How do you measure social media?

Some people call it metrics. Others call it measuring your marketing efforts. Whatever you want to call it, this measuring stuff can get pretty confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Think about it -  you’ve got a bunch of stats with your Facebook Insights, click-thrus in your scheduling program and your Pinterest analytics telling you which is the most pinned image.

Where do you look? Which number is more important than the others? And what the heck is the difference between a sharing metric and a consumption metric?

I’m not a numbers person. I swear, I just barely squeaked through my Statistics 101 class in college. And honestly, it hurts my head to think about this stuff.

Where do we start?

You start with understanding your goals.

I want you to think about WHY your company is using social media. And how are these social marketing efforts helping you to effectively grow your business?
  • Are you on Facebook to increase your exposure?
  • Do you post on Twitter to grow your website traffic?
  • Or are you pinning on Pinterest to generate more sales?
Your social programs may be different with each of the above questions but those are the type of business goals I’m talking about. It’s about asking the right questions to help you make a decision about what’s working and what’s not.
Let me break down these three types of goals, give you some actionable ideas to try and then show you how to measure your social media marketing.

Increase Exposure:

This exposure stuff is pretty simple. To increase your company’s exposure, you need to spend time where your customers hang out.

I’m not just talking about a post here and there and replying to comments. I mean really pulling together a posting strategy that creates multiple touchpoints where you connect with your fans.

You want to make sure you provide enough positive impressions about your company to connect with the right people.

And how do you grow your exposure?

1. Optimize your profiles with targeted key words to ensure that people running a search on your products can find you.

2. Customize your content – not just for the social program you’re on but for the audience you’re trying to reach.

3. Create shareable content with special offers to grow your followers.

Website Traffic:

Well, this one is pretty obvious. The more people who come to your site, the more they see your stuff, what you do and how to follow your marketing messages.

What are some ideas to use your social sites to increase your site traffic?

1. Use eye-catching images and attention-grabbing headlines in your posts.
I know I’ve said this before but this point is so important that I’m going to repeat myself:

This is how we connect to content online – first we see the image, then the headline and if both the image and headline have caught our attention, then we read the post.

2. Remember to add your site links to your marketing messages. Consistently schedule in your own content mixed with your promotional messages into all of your social media posts.

3. Create custom landing pages on your site. If you want me to sign up for your new online class, don’t send me to your home page so I have to look for it. Give me the direct link to your register page.

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